When a person passes, there are many decisions that must be made in a very short amount of time. We are here to help you take that important step in honoring someone's final wishes to be spread upon the Alantic   Ocean. We will provide all related services to organize a memorable ceremony for your family and friends. We offers both ceremonial (attended) and non-ceremonial (unattended) scattering options. 


In most cases, our charter company can work directly with your funeral home and receive cremated remains for scattering in the method you choose. You are encouraged to schedule a private charter and scatter your loved one surrounded by family and friends. We can provide appropriate urns for sea burial and have onboard options for loose scattering directly from the urn.  Whether you are located in New York , another city, state or even country, Captain Mike Wasserman will facilitate your service and ensure your experience is caring and meaningful.


are working with us from out of state, or plan for an unattended scattering, we can arrange to scatter the cremains in whatever fashion you feel most appropriate. Please contact us for consultation or visit our resources section to find relevant paperwork you will need to transfer the urn into our care.  For our clients who choose a ceremonial scattering, we can provide the following services as part of a complete sea burial package: 

  • Private Yacht Transportation, Harbor Tours & Onboard Celebrations.

  • Urns and other EPA approved biodegradable vessels. 

  • Floral Arrangements, Petals, and Shells to Scatter.

  • Catering including beverage services and a full bar.

  • Onboard Photography, Album Creation, and Prints. 

  • Onboard Music Services, both live or through our audio system.

  • Onboard religious services or a celebrant host. 

  • We are a Coast Guard certified and inspected vessel that can provide a service of 100 plus people..